We appreciate transparency, so its the least we could do.

At Tucker Financial Group, we offer our clients two routes on the road of long-term investing.

The passive Investor

  • Low annual fee of 0.50%

  • Portfolios created by TFG and made up of low cost ETF’s and mutual funds

  • Models created and managed by Tucker Financial Group

  • Great for the new investor just getting started.

  • Reviews by phone around your busy schedule

The active investor

  • Annual fee of 1.00% (Discounts based on account size)

  • Portfolios actively managed by TFG comprised of high-quality mutual funds

  • Research based and time tested

  • In-person reviews that suit your needs


How does it work?


Let us get to know you.

What are your plans and financial goals? What is your risk tolerance? A few questions goes a long way in getting to know you.


We’ll build you a portfolio.

Our portfolios are tailored to fit you, not the other way around. We dig deeper to find the best investments for you, then make sure you understand why.


We’ll get to work for you.

We take an active approach to long term investing and do all our own research.